Why This Blog Was Created

This blog was created by a young couple, working for Corporate America, who decided to turn their dream of travelling into reality. The purpose of this blog is twofold: to chronicle the thoughts, feelings and experiences of these two travelers as they quit their jobs and begin their endeavor across the country and to show the reader that they, too, can make this dream a reality. The travelers will switch off writing each subsequent entry, allowing the reader to see both perspectives throughout this magnificent journey.

3 thoughts on “Why This Blog Was Created

  1. Hi Misha,
    Let me give you a stupid advice, regarding the notes in your blog. Try to see the things, facts, people’s behavior and any other details on your way, which most of the people would never pay attention on and don’t be afraid of making any assumptions based on your observations. Forget about the fact that assumptions are the mothers of all fuckups, just keep in mind that they are the most attractive subjects in any story. And try to be funny as much as you can in any comments. I know you can.
    Best of luck.


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